Welcome to Tri-County Christian Home Educators (TCC)

Tri-County Christian Home Educators (TCC) is a parent-led, Christian home educators’ group that provides support, encouragement and information to those who are, or are considering, home educating. TCC Home Educators members live in three counties, Cheatham, Davidson, and Robertson, just North West of Nashville, TN. We extend a special thank you to the First Baptist Church of Joelton, our sponsor, allowing us to use the church’s facilities and we value their continued support.

Our membership term runs from August 1 through July 31 of each year. Membership dues for the 2008-2009 term currently is $25 and we welcome any homeschooling parent to join our group throughout the year. This is our first year to have our website and already it has proven to be such a wonderful tool. The TCC Home Educators website helps us stay connected and allows us effectively to partner with one another on this homeschooling journey. Please remember this is a work in progress. We suggest you spend some time just scouting around to see what’s available and familiarize yourself with the site. Be sure to check back often for changes and additions, and know that you are a vital part of this group, so your input is always welcome.

We will provide spiritual support by lifting one another up in prayer, and by referring members to church staff for spiritual guidance if needed.

We will strive to provide educational support through field trips, opportunities for children to showcase their work and through shared experiences of the families in the group.
We will endeavor to provide social support to children through recreational activities, field trips, holiday and/or end-of-year celebrations, drama and/or other group activities that members of our group volunteer to plan and direct. We will additionally provide social support to parents through our website and various activities and events.

Our goal is to strive to project a positive image of Jesus Christ in everything we say and do, and to all whom we come in contact. In light of this while attending a TCC event or function, students and adults alike are expected to act and dress modestly and appropriately (not wearing offensive clothing with inappropriate graphics/text, gang-related colors, etc.). It is also expected that parents maintain control of their children at events or functions so to make the time an enjoyable one for all involved.