Positive Parenting Tips

Parenting is not an easy task. It involves patience, reinforcement and continuous support. This article talks about some sound parenting tips for all parents while bringing up their children.

Tips for Infants 0-1 Year:

  • Talking to your child is very important at this stage. Repeating and reinforcing words help children understand, pick up words and speak at a faster pace. Even reading a bed time story can help to develop cognitive skills and help them in words recognition.
  • Kids develop confidence when they are praised. Love and affection help them empathise with others.
  • The ability to distract a child can come in handy as well. Parents need to use different activities and sometimes toys to divert your child’s attention when they lose tantrums. 
  • Spend time with children to give them warmth, safe and secure environment. Kids want to be nurtured, loved and cared for and these feeling in return make them better humans.

Tips for Toddlers 1-3 Years:

  • Bed time story works best at this stage. Kids should be encouraged towards reading books, playing Lego and colouring.
  • Puzzle making is an excellent activity for kids at this stage. It helps in of brain development and foster creative learning.
  • Parents can also help children in dressing as well as feeding them. In Singapore, parents tend to make their kids independent by allowing them to do these little chores on their own.
  • To encourage positive behaviour and attitude, children may be rewarded for good deeds. They should be counselled for any wrong doing and element of punishment should be eliminated altogether.

Tips for 3-5 Years Pre-school Children:

  • For this stage, parents need to enhance interactive learning like taking them to a library for book collection.
  • Children should interact with other kids of the same age. This way they realize the importance of sharing toys and making new friends.
  • Disciplinary matters and household chores should also be made essential for kids. Parents need to engage them with simple chores like making beds, picking utensils, cleaning and dusting etc.
  • Children can be encouraged to resolve internal issues among themselves on their own. This way they learn to understand and address matters which enhance their problem solving skills.

Tips for 6-8 Years Middle Childhood Children:

  • Since children are growing by now and undergoing social, psychological and physiological changes more drastic, thus affection and recognition means a lot at this level.
  • Parents need to engage their children in household activities so they learn small tasks and become organize in their lives.
  • Rules and regulations are also essential at this stage. Parents in Singapore are organized and they tend to have some norms, like fixed timings for playing, screen, food and study routine. Find out how to set parenting rules and regulations here.
  • Family time is necessary for social upbringing of kids at this stage. Having food together, recreation plans help kids staying together as one unit.

Tips for 11-12 Years Young Teens:

  • By this time, parents need to become mentor for their kids. They need to have conversation with their children on sensitive topics like smoking, drugs, partying late and friendship with opposite gender.
  • Children should be encouraged to share feelings with parents and have a shoulder to cry on.
  • At the same time, they should be clear in their minds as far as goal setting and future study plan is concerned.

At every stage of child mental, physical and psychological development, role of parenting cannot be ignored. Parents are role model and at the same time best ever friends of their children. They need to be there for their children, no matter how old they become to counsel and help them in becoming better human beings. For more positive parenting tips, visit Wonder Years Parenting Community and learn how to nurture a thoughtful and caring child.