Importance of Preschool education for Children

Many home sitting mothers prefer home-schooling their children. The concept of home-schooling became even important during the time of covid-19. However, there is always something special about pre-school, where many parents prefer sending their children for better learning. The teachers in pre-schools are especially trained in their field and know how to cope up with young children. Hence, there certainly are benefits of sending your child for preschool education. Some are:

A child’s brain is like a learning sponge:

A child’s first few years are very crucial as far as learning is concerned. The development of a child’s brain is at peak during the first four years of his/her life. During this time, kids experience new things every day and learn as they go. It is also true that the brain of a child is like a sponge, which is ready to absorb whatever comes its way. Hence, your child will get a chance to interact and learn better if they are admitted in good pre-schools.

Discipline is key to pre-school

Discipline is an essence of any pre-school. Kids are able to structure and manage their life functions, ranging from organizing books to plan activities. Also socializing with other children of the same age helps them in understanding and overcoming strangers fear. They also get to know of their environment, understand classroom activities, layouts, routine tasks and become familiar with others in school environment, thus become adaptable to the new environment. The sense of belongingness and security is also build during child’s stay in the school environment. This structural alignment helps children in carrying out smooth brain development and activities.

Getting well along with outer environment

Those children who get to school direct find it hard to interact with others. Sometimes they take enough time in becoming friends with other. This is because they didn’t attend pre-school and have as such no idea of making social interaction with other children of the same age. Some everyday gestures in Singapore like saying hello, thanking others, apologising, listening and comprehending others, accepting cultural difference and sense of helping others is developed only with interaction. Thus, kids understand that they are not alone and they need to accept others as they are.

Knowledge equipped Teachers

With people studying and gaining degree in pre-schooling, thus teachers are well aware of growing concerns and academic requirements of children at this age. This way, it becomes easier for teachers to prepare kids for advancing in the next academic level in school. Kids who come directly in kindergarten normally take time in understanding school environment and classroom culture. Whereas those who have had experience of pre-schools are well aware of what comes next and what is expected of them. similarly, curriculum plan and revision is also based on current technology, which is learning based and practical in nature.

For working parents in Singapore, a pre-school is a blessing in disguise. Parents can focus on their work without having to worry about the well-being and development of their children. Rather than staying home and watching TV, your child gets a chance to make friends, enjoy different activities, hang out, study and remain busy all day long with other kids. There is always some different in the level of understanding and grooming among kids having attended pre-schools and those not been to pre-school. You, as a parent need to decide what is best for your child. For more parenting tips on preschool education visit:

Positive Parenting Tips

Parenting is not an easy task. It involves patience, reinforcement and continuous support. This article talks about some sound parenting tips for all parents while bringing up their children.

Tips for Infants 0-1 Year:

  • Talking to your child is very important at this stage. Repeating and reinforcing words help children understand, pick up words and speak at a faster pace. Even reading a bed time story can help to develop cognitive skills and help them in words recognition.
  • Kids develop confidence when they are praised. Love and affection help them empathise with others.
  • The ability to distract a child can come in handy as well. Parents need to use different activities and sometimes toys to divert your child’s attention when they lose tantrums. 
  • Spend time with children to give them warmth, safe and secure environment. Kids want to be nurtured, loved and cared for and these feeling in return make them better humans.

Tips for Toddlers 1-3 Years:

  • Bed time story works best at this stage. Kids should be encouraged towards reading books, playing Lego and colouring.
  • Puzzle making is an excellent activity for kids at this stage. It helps in of brain development and foster creative learning.
  • Parents can also help children in dressing as well as feeding them. In Singapore, parents tend to make their kids independent by allowing them to do these little chores on their own.
  • To encourage positive behaviour and attitude, children may be rewarded for good deeds. They should be counselled for any wrong doing and element of punishment should be eliminated altogether.

Tips for 3-5 Years Pre-school Children:

  • For this stage, parents need to enhance interactive learning like taking them to a library for book collection.
  • Children should interact with other kids of the same age. This way they realize the importance of sharing toys and making new friends.
  • Disciplinary matters and household chores should also be made essential for kids. Parents need to engage them with simple chores like making beds, picking utensils, cleaning and dusting etc.
  • Children can be encouraged to resolve internal issues among themselves on their own. This way they learn to understand and address matters which enhance their problem solving skills.

Tips for 6-8 Years Middle Childhood Children:

  • Since children are growing by now and undergoing social, psychological and physiological changes more drastic, thus affection and recognition means a lot at this level.
  • Parents need to engage their children in household activities so they learn small tasks and become organize in their lives.
  • Rules and regulations are also essential at this stage. Parents in Singapore are organized and they tend to have some norms, like fixed timings for playing, screen, food and study routine. Find out how to set parenting rules and regulations here.
  • Family time is necessary for social upbringing of kids at this stage. Having food together, recreation plans help kids staying together as one unit.

Tips for 11-12 Years Young Teens:

  • By this time, parents need to become mentor for their kids. They need to have conversation with their children on sensitive topics like smoking, drugs, partying late and friendship with opposite gender.
  • Children should be encouraged to share feelings with parents and have a shoulder to cry on.
  • At the same time, they should be clear in their minds as far as goal setting and future study plan is concerned.

At every stage of child mental, physical and psychological development, role of parenting cannot be ignored. Parents are role model and at the same time best ever friends of their children. They need to be there for their children, no matter how old they become to counsel and help them in becoming better human beings. For more positive parenting tips, visit Wonder Years Parenting Community and learn how to nurture a thoughtful and caring child.

Meeting Developmental Milestones for Children in Singapore

It is a dream of every parent to provide a good life for their children. They protect, nurture and guide their loved ones throughout their lives. The initial developmental stages of a child are exceptionally crucial to the overall well-being of a child. Parenting is all about helping your kids become independent and ready to handle their future responsibilities.

This article suggests parenting tips on a child’s development as they grow up. At every stage, developmental goals are different and parents need to understand specific requirements of their kids.

0 to 1 Years; Infants Milestones:

It is always pleasant for parents to see their child smiling back at them, waving and when take first step. When a child reaches certain age, they learn to play, sit, grasp things, etc. Some of your child’s developmental milestones include walking, behaving, crawling, jumping and even eating after reaching a certain age.  Gradually as your child learns to move and start explore his surroundings, he will also become more independent. In Singapore, parents give emphasize towards child’s exploring more and more and encourage outdoor activities.

2-3 Years; toddlers Milestones:

At this stage, developmental milestones involve kids kicking a ball, independent plays and taking turns as well. This stage is often quoted as “terrible twos” because kids tend to become independent and exploration is taken to next level. It also brings thinking, emotional, social and learning change in the development of every child. The time is exciting for parents in Singapore, because they see kid’s imitation them. Children also get to know different colours, follow directions and sort objects by this age.

3 to 5 Years Pre-school; Developmental Milestones:

Developmental milestones at this stage involves hopping, recognizing people, naming colours and caring for others. Some kids also enter preschool and thus gain more exposure about the external world. This is also the stage where your child starts to pay more attention towards yourself and other adults. Thus, parents are advised to avoid using lousy words in front of kids. In Singapore, parents also avoid arguing when kids are around because such attitudes may influence your children to be aggressive and short tempered. Additionally, children also learn to question more at this age. Thus parents need to exemplify patience and be gentle towards your kids. Your kids may also learn to play outdoor activities, ride a tricycle, or hold a scissor, etc.

6 to 8 Years, Middle Childhood; Developmental Milestones:

At this age, children are able to bring and accept major changes in their lives. They can dress themselves and some may even be able to tie their shoe laces as well. Since kids at this age start to attend schools, they also start to adapt to their external environment. Development of social, physical and mental skill sets are also at peak. Parents in Singapore give maximum time to their kids at this stage so kids build confidence and become friendly with them. Children also learn to make friends, participate actively in different sports and do homework independently.

10 to 12 Years, Youth Teen; Development Milestones:

Entering the teen phase is exciting for all children. They start feel more independent and responsible. With hormonal changes, your child will also face physical body changes as well. As a result, some psychological, emotional and social changes are also expected from them. Some children welcome such changes while others become stressed. Thus, the responsibility parents is increased as parents pay special emphasis on the development of their kids.

Every stage of child development requires special attention and guidance of parents. Kids are naïve as far as outer world is concerned. They look towards their elders for building confidence, and support. Parents, therefore have to prioritize children for making them better human beings.

Find more parenting tips here at Wonder Years Parenting Portal.

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Welcome to Tri-County Christian Home Educators (TCC)

Tri-County Christian Home Educators (TCC) is a parent-led, Christian home educators’ group that provides support, encouragement and information to those who are, or are considering, home educating. TCC Home Educators members live in three counties, Cheatham, Davidson, and Robertson, just North West of Nashville, TN. We extend a special thank you to the First Baptist Church of Joelton, our sponsor, allowing us to use the church’s facilities and we value their continued support.

Our membership term runs from August 1 through July 31 of each year. Membership dues for the 2008-2009 term currently is $25 and we welcome any homeschooling parent to join our group throughout the year. This is our first year to have our website and already it has proven to be such a wonderful tool. The TCC Home Educators website helps us stay connected and allows us effectively to partner with one another on this homeschooling journey. Please remember this is a work in progress. We suggest you spend some time just scouting around to see what’s available and familiarize yourself with the site. Be sure to check back often for changes and additions, and know that you are a vital part of this group, so your input is always welcome.

We will provide spiritual support by lifting one another up in prayer, and by referring members to church staff for spiritual guidance if needed.

We will strive to provide educational support through field trips, opportunities for children to showcase their work and through shared experiences of the families in the group.
We will endeavor to provide social support to children through recreational activities, field trips, holiday and/or end-of-year celebrations, drama and/or other group activities that members of our group volunteer to plan and direct. We will additionally provide social support to parents through our website and various activities and events.

Our goal is to strive to project a positive image of Jesus Christ in everything we say and do, and to all whom we come in contact. In light of this while attending a TCC event or function, students and adults alike are expected to act and dress modestly and appropriately (not wearing offensive clothing with inappropriate graphics/text, gang-related colors, etc.). It is also expected that parents maintain control of their children at events or functions so to make the time an enjoyable one for all involved.