Why are Play Dates Crucial for your Nursery going Kid?

According to research, the maximum brain development occurs up to the age of five. Those are the golden years of early development for your toddler to learn, grow and develop into a healthy and social child. This is the time when the human brain undergoes rapid development in terms of cognitive skills, character, motor skills as well as social-emotional growth.

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Toddlers are a bunch of chaotic merrymakers but that doesn’t mean that you cannot have nice and fruitful play dates. First friendships and play dates play a very important role in the life of any toddler and the basis of it lies in the nursery for toddlers. The nursery is the place where your toddler finds his friends and learns from a bunch of social activities. Play dates induce social skills such as sharing, manners and cooperation amongst toddlers.

Plan The Perfect Play Date
Planning well ahead of time makes sure that the toddlers are in a good mood when they meet to play and that they are done with their naps of course. Also, if the play date is hosted at your own place, be extra sure that your place is childproof to avoid any problems.
Toddlers are happier when it’s one to one play time rather than in a group. They learn and socialize much better with just one child. More children can often result in fights and lots of tears.
Making rules that are short and simple helps them to remember. Longer the rules, higher the chances that they already would have lost interest by the time you go to rule number 3. For example, we do not play in Mom Dad’s bedroom and we only eat in the kitchen.

It always helps by planning a few activities in advance, that they will like, so that you have a bunch of options to give to them, since toddlers have a very short attention span. Even if they decide to play alongside and not together, do not be alarmed as it is a normal behavior and they are learning by mimicking each other.

It is always recommended to keep all electronic devices like the TV or the computer at bay as it may hamper with the learning process. However, there are a few exceptions like a learning video game or a DVD which could be the final activity before their perfect play date comes to an end.