Three Pressing Questions Answered on International Preschool

International preschools are basically the best foundation a parent could give their child. That said, it is quite sad to see that some parents are not making use of this opportunity to prepare their child for kindergarten.

Many children who did not attend preschool find it very difficult to cope when they are in kindergarten. For starters, they find it difficult to express themselves and share their insight on certain issues. They basically have to struggle to do everything. But this is not the same in the case of children who attended preschool because they have an excellent foundation and already have insight on how to socialize and solve simple problems.

A lot of parents who have enrolled their child in a preschool usually have lots of question in their head from time to time. So, this article is going to answer the question parent usually ask about international preschool. If needed, feel free to head over to for more information on international preschool in Singapore.

Is my child old enough for preschool?

Many parents have often wondered the right age for their child to be enrolled in preschool. The answer to this thought is quite straightforward. You see, most preschool can meet up comfortably with the needs of children within the range of 3 to 5 years old. It is a norm for many children to be enrolled at preschools at the age of 4.

But the bottom line here is that parents are in the decision making seat. Considering their schedule and their child’s temperament could help them decide when their child is ready for preschool.

How do I determine if a preschool is right for my child?

The simple key to choosing the right international preschool for your child is to make deep and detailed research. Firstly, you must make a decision as to the location of the preschool.  Ask yourself questions like (how close is the preschool to work and home?) Asking yourself this question can further aid you in making a decision.

Next, you have to consider the hours your child is going to spend there. Some international preschools only last for a few hours each day, while others might have classes twice or throughout a week. Whatever the case may be, considering how long your child is going to spend in a preschool is going to help you narrow down the right one.

Also, you have to inquire if the preschool you have in mind for your child is licensed, so as to ensure that their facilities meet up with the staffing as well as the safety requirements.

Another inquiry you should make is concerning their fees, curriculum and policy. Set aside time to meet the teachers as well as the director who runs the preschool, get to know them and peer if they will be able to satisfy your child’s needs. Visiting the classroom to observe where your child is going to spend a large chunk of his time is a very good idea.

During your visit to a preschool, ensure your child is with you so that you can observe how he responds to the classroom as well as the teachers.

What about ABCs?

Basically, the worst way to teach children about numbers and letters is by sitting them down and teaching them. Teachers in most international preschool can attest to the fact that the best way for children to learn quicker and faster is through activities they find interesting and fun.

“Story time” and other social activities in international preschool can help children learn the language while strengthening their pre-reading skill and imagination.

Final note

This article has been able to provide answers to 3 questions that usually run’s through the mind of parents. Of course, parents are bound to have more questions regarding their child’s preschool. The best step they should take is to consult the teachers and directors of the preschool so that their curiosity can be satisfied.