Pros & Cons of International School in Singapore

Singapore is a city-state that’s renowned for its focus on education, high quality of education to students, and it is not news that Singaporean students produce excellent results over the years. The Singaporean government understands that the career path of a child is widely influenced by the quality of education they are exposed to at both the high school level and the college level and have put in place well-structured educational systems to build students that are not only academically inclined but are well rounded and thoroughly groomed.

Parental considerations for Singapore education options

As an expat looking for education options in Singapore, you will want to select the best school for your children to grow in. International school culture in Singapore is quite laid back and relaxed with plenty of high-quality options available. You don’t have to stress yourself or be overly worried. We’ve got you covered in all you will need to secure a great international school for your children successfully.

International schools in Singapore: pros and cons

International schools in Singapore offer what is considered to be the world-recognized curricula such as the American, British, and International Baccalaureate curricula. So with this portfolio of offered curricula, it will be relatively easy for students from all over to ease in and get comfortable quickly. They will be able to offer courses in their native languages, which are the languages of the country of origin of these schools such as GESS International School Singapore.

The vast majority of students at international schools are from the native nation of the school. And this creates a sense of familiarity for the students attending as well as a feel of other cultures as there will also be students from other nationalities and cultures attending at the school. This combination of accustomed environments creates a great blend of exposure for your children and is a boost of confidence in adapting to new life in Singapore as opposed to attending the local schools – there is less traction for adaptation. However, this also means that your child will not be fully immersed in local Singaporean culture as they may have fewer Singaporean peers and be less exposed to Singaporean culture and practices.

Another great advantage of international schools in Singapore is the array of top quality extra-curricular activities. This includes well-thought-out programs for holistic development of all students. World class health provisions, transportation system, excellent lunch provisions: these and many more are the genuinely remarkable services provided for the wellbeing of your children. You’ve got nothing to worry about.

Students are encouraged to learn about the things that interest them, and this creates a sense of fulfillment in the students because the topics of interest they are exposed to, and the level of learning is not restricted. By attending an international school, your children are widely exposed, and their chance of getting admitted into foreign universities and colleges are enhanced – even though slots are scarce and competition for places are high in those schools – as opposed to attending local schools.

Competitive education sphere in Singapore

From an expat family or parent perspective, the advantages of enrolling into an international school usually outweigh the cons. However, while international schools offer many great benefits, competition for entry into the schools is fierce as the standard of education provided is top level and as such, parents are strongly advised to apply as early as possible to give your child a higher chance of securing a place in the international school.