Know these pre writing activities for your toddler

Importance of Activities in Preschool
Early childhood is from the age of three to five. This age group is mainly known as toddlers, and during this age children go to preschools to get themselves acquainted with the outside world so that they can get eventually habituated with the formal education system. In preschool for toddlers, there are many kinds of activities through which learning is induced in the child. These activities are usually designed in such a manner so that the child can have adequate mental and physical growth. Physical and mental growth go hand in hand.

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Inducing physical activity in a child’s curriculum helps the child to learn different daily habits faster. These habits stay with the child for the rest of their lives. Movement-based learning is very helpful. Apart from physical development, they also contribute to emotional and social development.

Many preschools for toddlers try to discipline the child through ways that tend to diminish their spontaneous physical activities. Also, children being increasingly exposed to technology tend to lead a sedentary life. In addition, classroom teaching nowadays tends to focus more and more on mental development. Hence when you are choosing a preschool for your toddler please make sure that the academic program of the preschool incorporates adequate physical activity.

Pre-writing activities
Apart from physical activity, mental development is also very important for the child. Also, to get prepared for the formal education system, it is important that the child gets into a habit of writing. Before you hand a pencil to your child it is important that he or she learns some pre-writing skills. For some toddlers, these pre-writing activities come naturally while for others the teachers and parents need to give them an extra push. Most children develop pre-writing skills through their development phases.

Some of the Pre-writing Activities are:
Straight line sensory bin: for this activity, all you need is a largely sized plastic bin, some sets of capital letters, wooden dowel sticks, crayons, unsharpened pencils. All you need to do is put all these objects in the tub and then let the child take out the items from the tub and play with it. While he or she is playing, talk to the child about which are the straight lines and you can even ask them to draw some letters with straight lines.

Sensory tracing: for this activity, you need printed pages of various shapes, a sensory can with rice or sand and a task trey. This activity is for three-year-olds and above. Put the pages in the tray covered with sand and then let your child trace the shapes from under the sand and then scoop the shapes out.