Guide to Select a Primary School in Singapore

When families relocate to a new country, parents are often eager to secure a safe and productive learning environment for their children. Singapore offers a dynamic education system, featuring public, private, and international school options. For expats moving to the island, you will find a variety of options that provide seemingly similar opportunities. The early years of a child’s education are critical to their emotional development, mental advancement, and social evolution. If you are from Europe and looking to place your child in an academically vigorous environment, yet at the same time might relocate again, do consider GESS. GESS European School is highly recommended for its quality teaching and recognized certification; head down to for more information.


To help you narrow down your selection, here is a guide to help you select the best primary school possible:

Accreditations – School accreditation is an official standing that recognises the school’s curriculum as valid and respectable. Teachers at accredited institutions have been evaluated by faculty and staff to ensure that the coursework meets the high educational standards put in place.

Resources – International schools use their tuition money to modernise teaching material and offer significant resources to students. Finding a school with updated technology is vital to your child’s ability to learn how to compete in the modern world. Taking a tour of the school’s facility will provide your family with confidence that your child’s education is preparing them for the future.

Curriculum – Of the most important qualities of a school, the type of curriculum is critical for students that will continue their education abroad. IB World Schools offer a consistent learning experience anywhere in the world, and children that attend different schools in their lifetime have an easier transition to their new environment when the learning objectives come from the same curriculum. If your stay in Singapore is temporary, then you should consider finding a school that teaches IB curriculum so that your child has a seamless academic experience.

Non-academic Opportunities – Most parents want their child to experience other aspects of life besides academic subjects. Primary school-aged children especially benefit from enriching activities, such as foreign language development, sports, and the arts. Some schools offer after-school programmes to keep students engaged without pushing students too far.

Diversity – Research suggests that diversity in educational settings has numerous benefits, and can help children achieve more academically, strengthen a child’s ability to maintain intergroup relationships, and has a lasting positive impact on a child’s future. Children that are exposed to diversity at an early age are better suited to change later on in life, and a diverse learning environment can create a deeper appreciation for life. International schools offer education to students from many diverse cultures, and usually, lack a dominant nationality or ethnic group. If you want your child to be prepared for a globalised economy, introducing them to different cultures at an early age will undoubtedly benefit them later on in life.

If you have recently relocated to Singapore and are seeking a primary school that is right for your children, you are likely looking for an institution that is accredited and highly-acclaimed. You also want a school that has the proper resources to provide your child the best-possible education, with an excellent, caring staff. The only way to be sure that a school will be right for your child is to visit the school first and speak with the administrators and educators face-to-face. You should not be afraid to ask them about their qualifications, teaching philosophy, and their goals for their students. The ideal primary school is one that provides a comfortable, welcoming environment while challenging its students to achieve each and every day.